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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

A womans work................

Update on the housework. We live in a long flat as opposed to a square one. We have a long hall and all the rooms are on one side. This hall is Speedy's dumping ground,he comes in from work and dumps coat on floor (mechanic, too oily to hang up with the others) also his bags of paperwork, shoes,endless peoples car keys,newspapers,meter readers, bottles of beer,bills,stuff of "don't throw that out i'll take it to the garage" type. Just loads of embarrassing tat. I spent a whole hour cleaning behind everything, shuffling stuff around as i daren't lob it out, and generally trying to make it look nice. After the hour i stood back to admire my handy work and do you know what? It looked......................the same!!! Oh except for the addition of a load of lime blossom which had blown in through the window from the tree outside (we're 3 floors up).Still it's all calories burned i suppose! Bedroom today, his side of the room looks like a teenagers room and always will, no matter what i do. His chest of drawers is littered with coins receipts, bits of cars,bits of wire etc. I have to lift them all up to dust under them and put them back so he can find them without looking.I gave him a fancy box to put it all in but it's full. He's just so messy, love him to bits though.
Anyway this is supposed to be about cards.
This is for my stepson Neil ( the gannet at the restaurant on sunday). His birthday is on the 12th but i wanted to get it done so i can just play, willy nilly. This lad is supposed to be a daddy to baby Micheal who is due today but we shall see, the Speed males are always late.
The stamp is by Stamps Happen and the papers are DCWV. The sentiment and the arrow were from my new papermania stamp set.
 Thanks for looking. Di.xxx


  1. i just love the card di!
    nice to see your using your new stamps already you are a great insperation to me xx

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  3. great male card di, the image is fab and i love your layout and colours.oh you are good with the housework.my bedroom looks like a tip.i have had to empty my wardrobe as we have damp so have bare plaster in some parts:(
    you have made me think about tackling it now lol.luv coops.xx

  4. brilliant card di,best not to dust really and you can use dust to leave messages for hubby,x

  5. Thanks for you lovely comments on my blog and thank you for becoming a follower. I've joined yours now so I can see some more of your great creations. I think this is a superb make card. xxx


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