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Friday, 30 July 2010

More bargains from WHS.

Just when i thought i'd had all the bargains from WHS i went in yesterday to find more stuff had appeared. I'll have to keep visiting because i think they must be getting stuff from other branches.
     GET THIS !!
Yes that's right 12 x 12  DCWV card stack for £2! I've had a couple of these before and i've only got bits of naff colours left so i was well chuffed. It had no wrapper on and was slightly scuffed at the edges but who cares for that price.
I also got a scrapbook stack for £2. It has a few pages of press out tags and things which aren't my cup of tea but the letters are ok and the papers (40 sheets) are really good quality.The plain kraft gift tags were only 20p a pack. There were boxes of stuff piled up to be unpacked so i'll be back asap.There were two assistants chatting in the corner and i felt like saying for gods sake get these boxes open now.
I did this as a scheduled post last night as it was going to be a longish one and it's workday so i'd best get my skates on.   Di.x

Friday weigh in, just about 9st 6lb,(9.7. yesterday) so  i've managed to remove one of the offending 2 pounds i gained , total loss so far, 10lb. Speedy went to Nantwich show on wednesday and came home with two big bagfuls of cheese so that's next weeks hurdle!


  1. Fab goodies Di....think I can here my WHS calling me too,lol

    great work with the weight hun...wish I could lose some.....well loads actually :(

    xx Lizzy xx :)

  2. wow amazing bargains again di.wish my towns store did craft bits but they don`t.

    well done with the weight loss.

    xx coops xx

  3. Wow Di - my WHS never has any offers on as good as this!!!

    Perhaps my WHS is shipping them all to yours for you to buy LOL!!!

    Weight loss and cheese .. .. mmmm.. "one" of my downfalls!!!

    Have a good weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  4. fab bargains,shall be popping there today on the hope of finding some,x

  5. Wow! why do I never get bargains like this? Well done - now where is my nearest WHS?

    Lynn x

  6. Wow Di!! you know where to find these excellent bargains, must pop into my local store tomorrow lol!!
    And well done with the weight loss,
    Vicky xx


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