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Thursday, 8 July 2010

This is so funny, you've just got to laugh (again).

Regular readers will know i bought a treadmill about 3 weeks ago to speed up my diet which has been a source of amusement.This is a weekend off diet and i've either been losing a pound a week or "sticking" despite stuffing my face every weekend.Not bad eh? In fact too good to be true, even, strange. When i first hopped on my treadmill i was rather gutted to find i had walked a mile at 4mph and only burned 30 cals. Right Mrs, i thought, got to go further, faster. I've got myself up to strutting 4 miles in the mornings and one or two miles at night at five /five and a half miles an hour, but a 4 mile session  still  only burned 120cals. It has took me three weeks to start wondering if it could be wrong. HELLO?!  I decided to stroll a mile at 2mph to test it out, still only read 30 cals,a bit suspicious i thought ..........Hmmm...............!!!!..I've just been on endless websites with endless calculators for weight, mph, distance etc and they ALL say i've been burning at least 100 cals per mile at 5mph!!! That's on top of the calories cut on food in the week !!  This is so funny !! I've been strutting off at least 550 cals a day on that thing (700 today) plus walking into town and back (one and a half miles)thinking i was burning off a lettuce leaf!! This is the best ever discovery, to scoff every weekend and get rid in the week,.............justice will be done!! Best £120 i ever spent, lol. The best bit is that it gets easier every time i use it.


  1. What a lovely surprise!! Have a great weekend.

    Pam x

  2. that is so funny! but weldone you are doing great! xx

  3. aw so funny di, you do make me smile.think you deserve a treat now after all those calories you have burned off.lol.luv coops.xx


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