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Monday, 5 July 2010

Meaty, beaty, big 'n' bouncy !

Yeah, that's me!!  That meal we went for yesterday was definitely on the "go again" list. If you've got a young son and you live anywhere near Chester, Tropeiro is the place to take him. The meat just kept coming to the table every 5-10 minutes, big chunks of it on skewers all freshly barbecued, and the waiters sliced it at the table.I'm not exaggerating but there were at least a dozen visits from the waiters with a new piece of meat every time.Speedy's youngest lad who's 24 ate and ate for a whole hour! Dirty little horror !! Mind you the rest of us didn't do so bad either.
Today is the first day of my 2 weeks off so i nipped to Hobbycraft to see what the final reductions were. The pricing was a shambles. They had sale areas here and there but loads of the stuff was still marked at full price. I asked an assistant how much something was and was told i'd have to take it to the till which was downstairs. No way matey.
This was the only thing i could be bothered doing the trip for and the price was £4.99 not £13.99 as it was marked. I've had the bags version of this, you just pop them out fold on the score lines then glue and decorate.
I've had a little play but now i must go and do a spot of housework as i've left it all last week thinking "oh i'll do it next week when i'm off". Well the time has come, if i get at least half of it done now and the rest tomorrow i'll be able to do some guilt free crafting.I just need to make card for my stepsons birthday the all my orders and specific cards will be done so i'll be able to just make anything that comes into my head.
Oh, i also got these. The stamps were £2.99 and the punch is Hobbycrafts own brand. It was £2.85 which is the normal price. I've got a couple more of these and they're great on paper and light/medium card. I haven't dared to try heavy card as i think that may be pushing my luck.
  Right....... hoover out !  See you tomorrow. Di.xx


  1. hi di! great bargains i have managed to put together my own blog would love you to take a look & give me any advice http://sarahs-craft4all.blogspot.com/ i cant seem to get a comments box under each post like your? i'm starting to get frustrated lol The boxes look fab cant wait to see what else you decide to do in your 2 weeks off love sarah x

  2. Great bargains,love the border punch,will have to pay Hobbycraft a visit,usually come home dissapointed but must admit that I've never checked out their punches.x

  3. hiya di, your meal sounds like it was fab and full of food.yum.love the k&co boxes, they look fantastic and what a bargain.love your other goodies too.looking forward to seeing what you make with them.have a great 2 weeks off work.luv coops.xx

  4. Hi Di!!, sounds like you had a fab meal, sitting here now feeling very hungry lol!! Fab boxes and great border punch, and look forward to seeing all your fab creations!!
    Take care Vicky xx

  5. Well Di, Your description of your meal has not helped my diet one bit. I am sitting here almost drooling lol

    I love those little boxes and what a bargain!!
    Kerry x

  6. Looks like you got some bargains there. Bugs me when Hobbycraft can't get the right price on things, some items that are on sale often still show the full price. I'm sure they would sell more if they made it clearer when things were reduced. Still, I think I need to pay them a visit soon. Enjoy your goodies.

    Lynn x

  7. My mouth is watering Di! My hubby would love that..he is a right caveman! Your boxes are very pretty by the way xx Jenny xx

  8. Hi Di

    Your meal sounds wonderful .. .. wishing I lived in Chester now!!

    Great bargains for you from Hobbycraft. I think I would have loaded my basked with what I might be interested in and then reject them at the checkout if they were too expensive. LOL!!!

    Enjoy your two weeks!

    Love Jules xx

  9. I bought that same punch last week and I'm really pleased with it, what a bargain. xxx


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