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Friday, 16 July 2010

Missing, presumed having a good time.

I'm off for another coach trip this morning until sunday night. It's another mystery tour ( why do they all say "where to" when i say that,lol?) to who knows where.If you work in a shop, cafe, pub or hotel, look out, you could look up and see my ugly mug looking at you!
I thought i'd leave you with a bit of clip art i found. I got rid of the original name with picasa and added my own version.. I hope i won't go to jail for it,lol. When we get to our hotel room the first thing that will happen is that Speedy will check out the tv channels and i'll checkout the yellow pages for craft shops. Pair of saddos we are!  Bye for now, see you monday, maybe with even more new stash.   Di.xx

Friday weigh in...9st 5lb, another one down, 11 in total. All that "strutting" is paying off. 6miles a day now.
I think i'll probably gain weight next friday, big eats this weekend and i'm back to work tuesday. That means back to my "feeder" (Patrick,lol) and not as much time for strutting. Only a couple of pounds to go now though so it won't be such a big deal.

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  1. hope you having a great time di.see you soon.
    xx coops xx


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