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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

How sweet is this baby?

Say hello to baby Michael. He has melted the heart of the least interested person where babies are concerned,I usually just look and grunt ( a bit like a teenage boy) with disinterest. I looked into that cot at the hospital on sunday and was gobsmacked. He was only 6 days old. No wrinkled up little creature, not one bit.Just look at this.
How could i not be smitten. Although at the time i didn't know this. You see at the time i was sitting to the right of Speedy refusing to have a hold of Michael as he has a broken collar bone ( Nina was begging the nurses to get him out as nothing was happening, 1 hour later doctor came and said head is wrong way and baby is wedged behind mums pelvis and decided to yank him out) . Mum had 22 stitches and now has a hernia.The wedding in september will most likely be moved to a later date. But Nina and Michael are doing fine. Daddy Neil is starting his new better paid job on sunday. He has always worked hard in the hotel/catering trade and we are very proud of him. It wasn't until i started editing the quickie photos i took that i realised how cute this little chap is.  Talking of proud, look at Speedy, bless him.
Michael when he was born was 22" long, a third of the height of an average adult. I will hold my "little lad" when his shoulder is healed, i'd hate do undo any of natures work because of my awkwardness.
       Neil and Nina, thank you so much,  If Michael is ever naughty just send him to Nanny McSpeed, (just joking).       Di.xxxx.


  1. beautiful! you sound pround as punch hunnie xx

  2. he is adorable,what a cutie,love your pics and hope him and mum are fighting fit soon,x

  3. aw he is gorgeous di, what a bonny lad.i hope he and mum are both well soon and love the pic of grandad.hes looks so proud :)

    xx coops xx

  4. Congrats to you all Di, he is gorgoeus. Sue x

  5. What a cutie!!, he is adorable and you sound chuffed to bits!!
    Hope they both get better soon, and grandad looks soooo proud!!
    Take care Vicky xx

  6. Oh Di,I'm the opposite to you,I just Looove babies,not so hot when they start answering back lol! but I just love it when they are completely dependant on you. I can see why baby Michael melted your heart,he's just perfect! x

  7. Oh my!!..He is Absolutely Gorgeous!! Congratulations!!...I was a little leary to hold our grandchild because of the broken collar bone too... Dr told us that it heals within 2 weeks....pretty Amazing! I've been enjoying my little granddaugher...she is now smiling. I only wished she lived closer...but I'm sure I would soon be a nuisance..LOL....Take Care!!..Hugs, Ila


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