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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Simple elements.

I made a couple of simple cards from the elements and sentiments from my flippin men/women stamps. (There is a link in my last post to the suppliers). It was actually these "add ons" that convinced me to buy the stamps.
Here's the first,
And the second. The colours are a bit on the drab side but i needed a few "non pretty" cards for my little stand at work. I've been stamping my sentiments in memento ink lately, but i think i'll go back to versafine as they come out much better with the clear stamps.
Patrick,my boss, yesterday, bless that little lad, was oh so concerned about a little old lady who usually comes in to the shop every day but hadn't been in since tuesday. I said maybe she'd gone to he daughters for a couple of days. He said "no something's happened to her and i don't even know her name or where she lives", he worried out loud all morning and was livid when the bloke from next door said something really stupid. He was near to tears, love him. He nipped outside for a fag at lunch time and i spotted the old dear across the road. I stuck my head outside and said to him "there's your gilfriend".Well his eyes lit up and he dived over the road to help her across. You know when you can feel yourself wanting to burst into tears and think to yourself  "no, no, don't you dare", well that was me. You don't get many young lads like that these days, he can be a pain in the butt but he's such a sweetie pie.I only actually love a small handful of people and he's one of them.And yes he did "make me" eat a big lump of rocky road, lol.
Well anyway i'm off to work now but when i finish at 1.30 we are actually going to the hospital to see baby Michael!!  Apparently he is the loudest and greediest on the ward....sounds about right for a Speed,lol.


  1. fabby cards di and so pleased you are going to see the baby,have a lovely cuddle,x

  2. I like these two cards, a bit different but still great. I relented a few days ago and ordered these stamps ... I hope you are satisfied ... people keep going on about things that I have decided that I really don't need ... and I change my mind and buy them!! I too thought the price was great just for the images but all the other little bits seemed so useful so I just had to have them. Hugs to baby Michael.

    Lynn x

  3. brilliant cards di,love how you`ve used the stamps and great sentiments.
    aw glad the old lady was ok.
    so pleased you are both going to meet baby michael.

    xx coops xx

  4. Hi Di. Fab simple cards..enjoy your visit to meet the little man! xx Jenny xx

  5. Hi Di

    Lots of lovely creations whilst I have been away .. .. and your boss does sound such a lovely chap.

    As you say not many folk (young or old) would think twice about this special lady.

    Enjoy visiting baby Michael. I hope you get to hold and cuddle him.

    Love Jules xx

    p.s. great cards today by the way!


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