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Friday, 9 July 2010

Happy Birthday to................

..........Me!  Yep, the old biddy is 52 today, even deafer and blinder than yesterday, but another day wiser (treadmill lol). In true Speed fashion we'll be starting with the smoked salmon and champagne brunch.Then out for a bit of boozing late this afternoon followed by a help yourself Chinese buffet in town. It's race day in Chester today so we'll have to find the pubs that aren't full of punters in frocks (and that's just the men lol). I've got some stash from my sis and lots of stash money to spend. I did a bit of crafting yesterday as i dont think i;ll be doing any tomorrow with the shaky hands!
I didn't make this for anyone particular but to satisfy my obsession with making boxes and notecards. The musical card is from Payper box and the peel offs were leftovers from making wedding invites.
The little cards are only 4"x4". I just love making them, they don't need much "filling up". Well that's all from me today apart from.................

..........The friday weigh in!! Are you ready for this.....9st 6lb,  2lb off after scoffing for Queen and country last weekend!! That's 10lb in total. There is a really funny reason for this, if you didn't read my last post scroll down and get ready to wet yourself.


  1. well done di ands a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me xxx Enjoy your day today i think the weather is going to be beautiful, your box and card are fab xxxxx

  2. Well done on the weightloss - all that treadmill work paid off! Love the notelets and box.
    Happy Birthday, enjoy your day.
    Pam x

  3. Well done on your weight loss. Fab notelets and box.
    Happy Birthday to you and enjoy your day.

  4. Happy Birthday Di, have a wonderful day.your box and notelets are great,love the musical theme and well done on your weight loss,not surprised with all that treadmilling you are doing.lol.luv coops.xx

  5. In the words of Stevie Wonder,"Happy Birthday to ya! happy birthday!" hope you've not had to do anything too strenuous on this extremely hot day,Have a great day,Julie.x

  6. happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday dear di
    happy birthday to you
    congrats on the weight loss and enjoy your day,x

  7. Happy birthday to you, hope you had a good one. 52 isn't old, wait until you get to my age, lol. Gosh I sound just like my Dad. xxx


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