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Monday, 12 July 2010

Scrapheap challenge, and Happy Birthday Neil.

Well, i mosied back into my den yesterday afternoon after the birthday activities and was faced with the scraps from the last weeks creative burst (lol).i thought i'd best make a quick card for today. I looked at the debris and also remembered my quest to get rid of all those peel offs in the drawer.
It was one of the quickest cards ever. It took me longer to tidy up the mess than it did to make the card. Mind you that's about right isn't it? The music paper is by payperbox and the other bits are peel offs. "Sound", as they may say.
Big housework to be done today and big food shopping. Speedy's working and i don't drive so Dolly the Trolly is coming to Tesco lol. I'ts a trendy trolly, no tartan for me yet. I wont need a whole lot as we're going on another mystery coach trip on friday (fat) yippee!!                 Di.xx

Happy Birthday Neil!! (Speedy's son). Where is Michael then????  Baby Michael was due on the 6th, poor Nina, how can anyone so small be so big. Love you both . Dad & Di.xxxxxx


  1. i just love what you write my hubby is always asking what im laughing at,, good card have a great day, (shopping with dolly & cleaning love sarah x

  2. great card di and well done for using your peel offs.i gave mine away to a good home.
    xx coops xx


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