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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Happy Birthday Speedy !!

Today is my lovely Speedy's birthday.
Happy birthday you big softie !  Mind you this photo is 12 months old and Speedy is now one and a half stone lighter, but still a big softie. Everybody loves him, even the men, lol. My mum used to say you could tell if a man will be a good husband if he looks after his mum and she was right. Speedy  goes to his mums every day after work and makes sure she's had something to eat and everywhere is locked up.He bought my mum a little pressie just from him and asked me to pretty it up for her. The little bag contains some Thorntons chocs.

We are going out tonight for another of those Roman meat feasts. I may opt for something a bit smaller , but then I'm a greedy so and so , I'll let you know tomorrow...........

Edited for Ali. The sentiment is from Ginger's House. There are loads of sentiments on this site, it's fab.


  1. Lovely photos - gorgeous makes - can I ask where you got the sentiment from its so funny xx

  2. fab pressie and happy birthday speedy,x

  3. Hi Diane, Happy Birthday to your wonderful Speedy & it's a really lovely pic. Enjoy your evening out together. What a smashing job you've done 'prettying' up the chocs, love those papers! Did you make the flower as well?
    Sally x

  4. happy birthday speedy :D
    love your gifts di, they look so beautiful :D

    xx coops xx

  5. Just popped over via 'Load of old Pickle's blog. Love all your stuff, in particular your boxes and goodie bags, so I'm now your newest follower. xx

  6. Oh my goodness! I love how you used that wordart for the gift tag. I am totally going to scrap lift that idea!

  7. what a lovely pic,he has kind eyes.Great creations as always.xx

  8. Oops,sorry Speedy,Belated Birthday Wishes.


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