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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Tilda's been framed.

Oh how i hated making this card yesterday! I had a head start with Tilda because i've got a sheet of her with her hair and skin all coloured and ready to finish to match the card. That's when the trouble started  deciding what colours to use. Then i decided to sit her in this Joanna Sheen frame. I was going to just leave it blue and white but i stupidly added a bit of lemon and peach to match tildas clothes .Then i decided it needed a nestie. It flippin' didn't, since when does a frame need a frame? Then i decided to add a layer of lemon.Why?!! Then i decided to complicate the rest of the card.
It was going to be such a simple blue and white jobby, i was going to paper piece the boots with the backing paper,which was different to the one i ended up using.
Then there's the flowers. I'm sick of putting flowers on cards but i'm stuck in a flower rut.Oh and i hate using coloured card bases so why did i do that too? You can't see it and it's a good job but i even gilded the ornate bits of the frame with a clear stardust gel pen!! It's just not a "me" card.  D'ya know what, i'm going away at the weekend for a couple of days and i think it's a good job. I might find a more logical mojo waiting for me when i get back.
Me and Speedy are going on one of these coach trips saturday to monday with all the oldies (back seat with the cider of course) and we don't know where the hell we're going because it's a mystery weekend, even the driver won't tell us where we're going until we get there.We've been on loads of them and we've never had a bad one yet (touch wood).The bit that Speedy's most gleeful about is that i can't pre google the craft shops if i don't know where we're going.
Unless i end up in the same state as yesterday i'll see if i can do some cards for scheduled posts while i'm away.
  Thanks for visiting. Di.x


  1. Wow Diane this is beautiful, you know I love Tilda, the flowers look lovely too.
    I hope you enjoy your mystery weekend, I bet you'll sniff out the craft shops I always do! Take care and have a good time. Luv Teresa xx

  2. Oh Di this is gorge!!am loving your colours xx Jenny xx

  3. gorgeous card,hope you have cooled down after all that anguish....lol
    enjoy your mystery weekend,sounds fun,x

  4. well you certainly can`t tell you hated making this card cos its absolutely gorgeous.i love the colours and the frame is beautiful.enjoy your mystery weekend.luv coops.xx

  5. Well I love this card. Don't know why you hated making it the end result is amazing. eileen x


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