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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Wow!! How cool is this!!

D'ya know what there's some clever sods out there.Me and Speedy have different sleep requirements i.e i need about 5 hours a night and he needs about 10. This means i get 5 hours extra to stalk peoples galleries and blogs. Well i was doing a bit of stalking and through SCS gallery i found a site called Learn to stamp and scrap with Lynn Larson.The reason i went to her site was to check out some Flowers she'd made and blow me there was a tutorial! Now i've seen these type of flowers before but theres something different about hers.I'll show you my first attempt but you'll have to visit her blog to see whats so different.
I have made a box which has been sitting around waiting for me to find a suitable finishing touch and these are just what i need. I'll finish it off and blog it tomorrow. Pardon ? What?  Oh you want the link. O.K. it's HERE.


  1. Wow these flowers are fab. Thanks for the link. Kathleen x

  2. gorgeous flowers, need to buy a scalloped punch now lol. Jo.x.

  3. hi di,how spooky,have made those myself today,you can see them on the canvas's we decorated,yours look fab,x

  4. Gorgeous flowers! thanks for the link,
    Love Vicky xx

  5. wow di, these are stunning.thanks for the link.luv coops.xx

  6. Gosh. This is the first time I have been to your blog and I feel like you are I are sisters an ocean apart. I love to do paper crafts and I love to cook and I am also 51 and married my best friend and my boys are grown up and don't need me as much anymore and I love these flowers. As soon as I get off work, I am going to make some. Thanks for sharing. Love them.

  7. Thanks for the link Di they are beautiful. xx

  8. oh wow what a super idea ... thank you for sharing happy crafting and love sandy xx


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