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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Come on ......confess.................

Who's got loads of peel offs then? I know i have, i've got stacks in fact. I bought loads from create & craft when i first started cardmaking and before i discovered stamps and colouring.I hadn't thought about them until i started those wedding invites which prompted me to get them out and try to make some money back from them.Most of them are really naff but a couple of them were worthy of a play.

I sell my cards at the newsagent where i work and it always puzzles me why people choose certain cards over others. This type of card sells quite well when some that i've spent ages colouring and faffing about with for the same price can sit on the shelf for ever. There's a beautiful Tilda one there which may as well be invisible. These were quick and easy to make, i just plonked the peel offs onto some scrap papers and cut them out.

The cards are 6"x6", one white and one ivory. I'll take them to work next week and hopefully turn trash into cash. I also made some little 4"x4" cards which i'll show you tomorrow.
And yes.......i know i'm supposed to be making those invites but it drives me mad doing loads of the same thing so i'm just doing a few a day. Actually this isn't funny but i haven't made any today................yet....   I think i'd better do a bit of housework first to keep the guilt monster away.
 See you soon. Di.x


  1. might be quick cards but they are fab and yes i have 3 folders full of peeloffs,maybe you should do a challenge on dc,x

  2. Me too, I have loads, and don't use hardly any of them, I use the corner ones but other than that they just all sit there. You have inspired me to get them out though and see if I can use them up.x.

  3. 2 fab cards hun, i love the green one and i know what you mean about peoples choices.i have some that have been sat for months gathering dust and yet ones i hate fly out.lol.good job we are all different.luv coops.xx

  4. Hi Di, both stunning cards!!, me too got to many peeloffs, and peoples choices are very odd sometimes, but as Coops said, we are all different! lol!!
    Love Vicky xx

  5. Ooops...I confess I have boxes of peel offs. I can't believe I bought most of them they are yuk! Some are ok though, and I should take a leaf out of your book and use them. Lovely cards!xx Jenny xx http://myinkyhands-jennifer.blogspot.com


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