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Friday, 14 May 2010

I've been such a good girl.

A few weeks after starting my blog i showed you a photo of my craft room.I had lost my mojo and trashed the place trying to find it. I'm sure you've all done it yourselves.This is what it looked like and to be honest it's been more or less the same ever since........well ............since before then actually!

In fact looking at the photo now, it got much worse to the left side. Everything was piled up. When i needed paper and card they were at the bottom of the pile then i needed my pens and they were at the bottom of the pile now, and so on,every time i unearthed something i buried something else.
 Well yesterday day i got sick of it. I tried to make some cards and was getting more and more annoyed with myself so i stopped and went and got a bin bag. I went through everything and sorted it into rubbish and charity shop.,it took hours! Here is the finished result, take a look as it probably won't last.

Bliss next time a make any cards.Why do we keep all those half made cards which didn't wok out, all those bits of  kits we started off with from "Create and Crap" and all those bits of scrap paper that we don't even like?

Look at the nice clean desk, no blobs of glitter glue or streaks of ink.No scraps of card and paper all over the guillotine.

I've always stored my promarkers in an A4 really useful box with the colour chart stuck inside the lid. I'm sick of foraging around trying to find certain colours so i put the greys,browns, greens and skin tones into zippy bags, problem solved.

All my A4 card is nice and neat again, i think i got this file box from WHS, i seem to remember using a £5 off stationary voucher towards it,otherwise it would have been Rymans as there's nowhere else in Chester. All my scraps of coloured card are separated into colours in A4 zipper wallets in the tub with the red lid. That was from B&M.
I was so pleased that i only just managed to stop myself ringing speedy to get a bottle of wine. I decided to wait until tonight in case it ruined the weigh in! Oh and in case you're wondering..........yes i did keep the peel offs!!

Friday weigh in 9st 10lb but only just, after squeezing out a second pee! Thats one more pound off making it 6 in total. So glad i didn't have that wine last night.


  1. OoHhh Di,come and help me,what makes mine worse is I'm a diningroom crafter! I'm no good at throwing things away. HELP !!!!!!!!!!!! x

  2. wow - a radical time in your craft room has really paid off... I recon you should join in WOYWW - then you'd realise you before picture was so much better than most crafters 'normal' picture (including mine)...

    Well done - and on the weight loss too - the workout you had in the craftroom probably helped!!!

    Paula x x x

  3. wow fab craft room di and even your untidy pic looks tidier than my little corner in the living room.i am a really messy crafter with things piled everywhere and falling over.lol.well done on the weight loss, i reckon you need a treat now.luv coops.xx

  4. You do tickle me with your dieting exploits, at the start of my own dieting expedition it is good hear others experiences, luv luv luv your craft room, you must be really proud of yourself and just sitting in it, must be inspiring x Leigh x


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