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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Chocolate, crimped and pimped.

Funny how we can fall in and out of love so quickly isn't it? Last week my new love was my peel offs, this week they've been dumped in favour of my crimper! Lucky for Speedy i'm not like that with men! This time i've used it for something else we've all seen before but sometimes we need a memory jog. Last christmas my mum was stuck for little extras to give to people and as she can't get about as easily as she used to i said get me some choccy stuff and i'll package it up for you nice and festive like. Well next time i went she had a huge carrier bag of chocolate and sweets.This is one of the quickies i made, without the "new" flower of course.
Choc bar from Tesco and the stamp is by Penny Black but you could print something off the computer. Thats all you need really and a bit of fancy paper. Mine is Brenda Pinnick.
The crimped ends make such a difference,just stick together with a bit of double sided tape first.Again it's another nice little idea for fathers day. It's got a good sell by date so i'll keep it towards Speedys birthday in July,at least i won't be tempted to rip my work open and scoff it.
I'm back to work today so i saved this as a draft last night because i won't have my head together after being able to lie in till at least half six for the past week.
 Thanks for visiting. Di.x


  1. wow this is fantastic di, you really do have the most brilliant ideas.i love how you have crimped the ends and the flower is really fab.luv coops.xx

  2. what a fabulous little gift idea you have made! I have done something similar called a 'cream carton' where you twist the cylinder of paper and crimp the opposite end at 90degres, does that make sense?
    hugs, annie x

  3. What a fabulous idea for a small gift, I must try it so I have a little stash of gifts ready for when I need them :o) Haven't dug my crimper out of the cupboard in an age!!


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