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Friday, 7 May 2010

Fallin' in love again..............

Yesterday i showed you some cards made from peel offs and scraps. Well today i've got something made from the scraps left over from the scraps!! And do you know what? I'm in love with peel offs again!! I don't know how long for though, it's almost like having another try with your ex, renewed enthusiasm at first, then back to the "ugh just go away"! Anyway,take a look at these then go and and dig out your exes.
I made yesterday's cards and these 4"x4" cards  out of 2 sheets of peel offs and managed to make a box to put them in.I must admit i've got a thing about making little notecard sets and i really enjoyed making these.I hate to say it but i may even buy a couple more sheets of this design.
I've also got something else to show you. I won some blog candy from Gay at Dippy Doodles and it arrived yesterday apart from cardmaking goodies she also sent me a bookmark and a bag charm/keyring which she's made.
They are really beautiful. If anyone would like some she has some for sale here. Thank you very much Gay.

Oh, i nearly forgot. It's the friday weigh in. By some miracle i weighed 9st 11lb this morning! thats another pound off making it 5 altogether. I really don't know how i managed it because i was very naughty at the weekend.


  1. You're very welcome Di, glad you liked them!
    I've also got tons of peel offs - but never use them - maybe a should set myself a challenge and try LOL
    Love your little notecards - you always make such nice things!!
    Gay xx

  2. Good for you,well done on the weight loss! do I really have to check out the huge pile of peel off,I have sooooo many,they do only tend to be used in an emergancy! x

  3. great notecards di and fab colours.i gave all my peeloffs away to a docrafter.big congrats on your win, the handmade gifts are beautiful, also big congrats on your weight loss, you`re doing really well.luv coops.xx


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