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Monday, 24 May 2010

This is obscene!!!

This is the biggest loaf  i've ever made!! I've been making these loaves for the past few weeks as we've been on a homemade soup and bread diet. I've used the same tescos white bread mix for them all but probably due to the heat this one turned out MASSIVE.

That is a 2p piece on the top just to give you an idea of the size of it. I start them in my bread machine on the dough programme, this one's got dried fried onions from the Asian food shop round the corner added to it.The temptation to hack the end off and scoff it with a pound of butter was unbelievable but hey, i didn't do it ,so i'm pleased with myself about that.I'm off to mums away from it now, i just hope she hasn't made me a cake, it'll have to go straight in the freezer if she has! I will be very lucky if i haven't put half a stone on this friday.


  1. its making me hungrey,x

  2. wow that is a massive loaf but it looks so yummy.enjoy eating it.luv coops.xx


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