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Sunday, 16 May 2010

He's got the bug.

My boss has definitely got the bug. The love bug..............for his Beetle. He's only 22 and i love him to bits but on fridays i have to spend 11 hours listening to him waffling on about his beloved car,and with it being a newsagent shop this means he's got access to all the latest car mags! So all day it's " oh wow look at this Di" and "i'm deffo gonna get one of these for my car". I tell him to shut up and it's still "only a car". He looks at me as if i've just chopped his dangly bits off and within 10 minutes he's at it again. Fair do's though it is a crackin' car and he's spent thousands on it, he parks it outside the shop and swells with pride when people stop to admire it. The reason i'm telling you all this is because he lets me sell my cards in the shop and doesn't take any of the money. I've even got a card fixture which he doesn't use anymore.So i was looking through my stamps and thought bless him i'm going to make him a couple of cards for a little thank you pressie.

The first one is made from the DCWV Retro stack.

The second is made with paper out of an old atlas.The stamp is by Funstamps.I gave them to him yesterday . I said "here you are luv, a freebie off the card rep". It took a while for me to get him to realise what i meant. They are intended for him to use for his mates birthdays but i'd like to bet they'll end up on his bedroom wall with all his other regalia.
     Well that's me for today, things to, do places to go, debt to get into.......................


  1. Great cards Di.Love that stamp! Fab layouts. My advice? Take earplugs to work! xx Jenny xx http://myinkyhands-jennifer.blogspot.com/

  2. Fantastic card Di, great image! fab colour combos & layouts xx Lizzy xx :)

    Ace story,lol xx

  3. these are fantastic cards di, i must admit to loving vw beetles too and if i could drive i would love a cream, soft top, left hand drive, twin exhaust beetle.pity i`m married and hes too young, lol.love the vw image and fantastic colours and papers, love the atlas paper, cool idea.luv coops.xxx

  4. Great male cards Di,
    Sue x

  5. Lovely cards Di. Wonder if that stamp is still available, I've not come across it, 'cos my hubby used to have a VW Beetle.

    Lynn x


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