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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Drat, and double Drat!!!!

Can you believe the same catastrophe can happen twice in one day? Yesterday morning my bosses dad came in and asked if we would like anything from the pie shop. Patrick (young greedy sod) said he'd have a meat pie. I said "nowt for me i'm on a diet as you already know". Patrick-"get her a pie". Me "no thanks don't get me anything". Patrick-"get her a cake". Me " NO, i'm on a DIET, you KNOW that!!".  As you've guessed they bought me a meringue.Right, OK, whatever. I had it for lunch instead of the cup a soup i had taken with me. Next thing a mate of mine strolled in,  plonked a danish pastry on the counter and flounced out before i could say anything!! I remember a magazine article entitled "are your friends making you fat?" Well actually , YES.!
  Anyway here's todays cards.

Hedgies on sledgies! The stamp is from the Penny Black Christmas Critters set. The paper is one of the Docrafts pads i'm not sure which as the cover is missing.

Well that's it for now, i'm on my way to work I hope nobody comes anywhere near me with food!
   Thanks for visiting. Di.xx


  1. Oh Diane I love these little hedgies on their sledge. Gorgeous gorgeous card. Sorry about the diet. I can sympathise though except its not my friends making me fat its me!!!! Eileen xx

  2. fabby pics di,with friends like that who needs enemies....lol.x

  3. great christmas cards di, love the image and great colours and layout.the paper is fab.hope you have managed to avoid all your food giving friends today.luv coops.xx

  4. Gorgeous card Di, your blog posts always make me smile! Sue x

  5. hi di! im sarah i have been watching your blog for weeks im new to this finally worked out how to become a follower, i started to make cards christmas but mine were rubbish compared to your,, i love yours they are great, i was wondering if you have any advice for me, i have been using the papermainia water colour pens but i doesnt blend very well, thank you sar xx

  6. There are lots of tutorials on the net,heres one but there's loads more.


    I started with watercolour pencils until i discovered promarkers.

  7. Well I just ate a mars bar and feel sick!These are lovely cards Di.Cute image and lovely colours! xx Jenny xx http://myinkyhands-jennifer.blogspot.com/


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