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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Wedding invites.

What a day i've had!!! Well it started yesterday at the Papermill shop. I went to get more burgundy card for the wedding invitations forgetting i'd got the first lot from Liverpool and yes you've guessed they didn't have exactly the same colour.I also needed ivory for the front panels and bought some which i wasn't entirely happy with but it was all they had. So this morning i decided to make a start with what i had because thats what i've taken a week off for. I've ditched microsoft word and suchlike off my computer to give myself loads of space as i don't really use it for office type stuff. That just leaves my with "My Craft Studio". Anyone who has got one of these CDs will know the faff involved with centering stuff etc. An hour later we're ready to print. The ink bled out on the ivory card so i nipped up to Rymans and got some of the coated stuff. Fantastic...except my printer was printing in pink now! Several head cleans later and it was fine again.I was actually able to start the cards at half past one.
I managed to make 18 as i decided to put a gold mirri layer and only had a few sheets.The ivory layer has got Neil & Nina written all over it to save it being too plain I discovered a site called Backing paper generator a while back which came in handy. Once iv'e got the rest of the stuff i'll be able to do do the rest really quickly as they are a nice easy design. Thanks Nina for not wanting the earth. The only thing that was requested and i thought,  "oh no", was that i try and do something similar to an ivy tattoo she has on her hip. Guess what was hanging on the peel off stand at the papermill shop? Easy peasy. Now i've got to figure out the inserts but after todays faff i;m deffo going to buy the M&S CD.The colours don't really show very well but the writing on the ivory panel is a deepish cream, the only good thing about My Craft Studio is that you can alter the opaque and transparency so its hardly there.
  Right,time to make some creamed sweetcorn and chorizo soup, the diet went to the wall at the weekend!


  1. looking fab to me di,glad you got there in the end and nice to see your face,x

  2. the invites look great, hope you have a better day with them tomorrow.x

  3. these are great di.love the burgandy and cream combo and beautiful ivory.enjoy your tea hun.luv coops.xx

  4. ooops sorry, i should of said ivy.lol :)

  5. You're doing a fab job with them! xx Jenny xx http://myinkyhands-jennifer.blogspot.com/


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