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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Yappy Birthday.

I didn't make any cards yesterday, i just didn't feel like it. I went with Speedy for his hospital check up ( to cut a long story short he had a prostate op last year) and tests showed his flow wasn't as strong as it was last time.They said it was likely scar tissue from his op blocking his pipes a bit and he is going to have to self catheterise, every other day to start, then less often, to keep the tubes open. Well i felt sick !! I though i was either going to throw up or pass out, i was even eyeing up the waste bucket in the corner.He had to do this while he was waiting for his op which was an emergency one so it wasn't for long. It was just such a shock because last time he went he was told he'd probably just need one more check up as everything was fine.Keep your beady eye on your other halfs waterworks because he had problems for ages that i didn't know about. March him off to the doctor if he starts peeing too often and nip it in the bud. The good thing is that there was no cancer but he's done a lot of pressure damage to one of his kidneys due to a back up of urine.Oh dear, i hope i haven't put you off your  lunch!
Anyway i've raided picasa and found 2 half decent cards.
I made these at least a year ago so i don't know what the papers are.The stamp is Penny Black.I did the little caption on the computer. I hold my hands up to "stealing" it from somewhere but i don't know where.
I keep thinking it's sunday today, i usually work saturday morning but i've been off this week and it feels really weird. I;m going to trundle off into my den now and see if i can do better than yesterday.


  1. 2 super cards, fab images and great papers.hope speedy goes on ok.luv coops.xx

  2. 2 supper little cards, and they stand the test of time. I hope things sort themselves out soon for speedy, my dad had a prostate op last year too.
    hugs, annie x


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